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Born in Canada, High&Hard has developed a proprietary, all-natural blend of ingredients to create CBD and THC based sexual enhancement products that work for both men and women. High&Hard has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development, and a state of the art laboratory to create a safe and effective product. Try THC Climax for a head high and hard night, or CBD Climax for a body high and hard night, and guaranteed the best sex ever, or your money back! High&Hard has tested the Canadian market with out-of-this-world results. Products flew off the shelves and the reviews were incredible! High&Hard has since ramped up manufacturing and launched sales in the USA.


Available in Two Fun Flavors!

THC Climax and CBD Climax are available at local licensed dispensaries, or if you live in Canada you can order from our online store.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free - 30 Days

We’re offering the most reliable and sincere guarantee anywhere in the industry. It’s as simple as this; if these incredible results of THC Climax don’t meet your greatest expectations we’ll refund 100% of your hard earned dollars. As long as it’s within 30 days of your initial purchase we’ll be more than happy to return your money. You won’t have to jump through hoops or spend hours filling intricate paper work out. There’s no fine print, no scams, and absolutely no gimmicks.

We’re so convinced that THC Climax will blow your mind that we’ve set our 100% complete money back guarantee in stone. We’re rarely asked about our guarantee. The question we’re most frequently asked is, “Where can I buy it?” Our product is tried and true, but if for any reason it doesn’t answer your prayers we’ll reimburse for 100% of your money.


"I went 5 times and I lasted all night! I had more sex in one night than I do all week!"

- Jon M. Los Angeles, CA

"This has completely revived our relationship! I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we've lost a little of the juice, but now it’s back!"

- Kim T. Montreal, QC

"Sex was great and I was stoned out of my mind! What a trip and we had so much fun. Definitely made the night!"

- Tommy L. Newport Beach, CA

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